It's Been Out Less Than a Week, But Amazon Still Just Knocked £30 off Lego Darth Vader's Castle

By Tom Pritchard on at

For those of you who ordered the Lego version of Darth Vader's Castle before it was released, I have some very irritating news to share with you. Despite the fact the set only came out on 1st December, which is less than a week ago, Amazon has gone and knocked 25 per cent off the pricetag. That means anyone who didn't plan ahead can now get it for £90 instead of the full £120.

If you ordered yours from Amazon you may want to think about complaining, because this isn't the best news to read on a Friday morning. Sadly, if you ordered it elsewhere and already started building you're a bit out of luck. It's not like you can return it now you've opened the box.

But for those of you that were on the fence about it, particularly the sensible people that don't like spending over £100 on a single Lego set, this is a great deal. Lego rarely gets discounted more than 20 per cent at the best of times, so 25 per cent off is well worth exploiting. It's not clear how long this promotion is going to last, seeing as how there's no timer on Amazon's page. So you might not want to hesitate too much before you press the 'Buy Now' button.

In the set we have Vader, some acolytes, a Sith holocron, a special stormtrooper, and a miniature version of the Advanced TIE Fighter. It's similar to the TIE from the Death Star set, but with some minor tweaks that make it a much nicer set overall.

The other added bonus of this is that spending over £30 on selected toys, including this, gets you a free 'Amazon Toys Stocking Fillers Box' that normally costs £9. So if you have a young kid or relative, that'll make Christmas shopping easier.