Kellogg's Offloads Waste Cornflakes for Use in Craft Beer Industry

By Gary Cutlack on at

We know what you're doing here, Kellogg's. You're trying to take hold of the cereal news agenda to people stop talking about how much sugar they're eating for breakfast, aren't you? You want some feelgood news to pop up when the boss searches for "Kellogg's" in Google News today, don't you? Well here you go. They're making beer out of cornflakes. Ha ha. Well done. Very healthy. Beer. Mmm.

The good news part of this is that "waste" cornflakes deemed not flat enough or too brown or whatever are being used in part to create a beer known as Throw Away IPA by Manchester-based craft brewery Seven Brothers, which has seriously lucked into the Kellogg's marketing money just in time for a sales and brand boost before the critical Christmas period.

We apologise for the photo above. It's a craft beer enthusiast. You could probably tell from the beard and hat. The resulting beer is apparently sweet and has the colour of cornflakes, which is certainly something that's missing from the craft beer sector. Probably for a good reason but you never know.

Alison Watson from Seven Brothers said: "Kellogg’s recognises that it has an important role to play in reducing food waste, and that includes finding uses for edible food that doesn’t make it into the cereal box. The cereal is perfectly safe to eat but the flakes might be too big, too small or broken so not good enough for our packs. ‘We plan to create three beers including a Hoppy IPA which will be launched this month and sold in our Ancoats bar and the Dockyard, MediaCityUK. [Kellogg's via Metro]