10 Christmas Presents You Can Still Buy At The Very Last Minute

By Holly Brockwell on at

Christmas is on the 25th of December every single year, yet somehow, some years it just slips your mind. Or an unexpected relative turns up. Or someone buys you a really badass present and you shamefully realise you haven't got them anything.

Worry not.

Your pals at Giz UK are on hand with the last-minutest of last minute Christmas gifts -- ones you can literally buy from your phone while the giftee is in the toilet. Ideally you'll have a little bit more time than that, but if not, at least try to hide the timestamp on the email.

1. Sign them up for a subscription box

Image: AllSubscriptionBoxes (of Tokyo Treat box)

Subscription boxes are big business at the moment, which helpfully means there are tonnes to choose from. You can subscribe them to tea or coffee, stuff for their pets, geek stuff, Japanese stuff, beauty stuff, wine stuff, gin stuff, beard stuff... whatever they're into.

AllSubscriptionBoxes is, as you might guess, a handy roundup of all the good ones in the UK, with reviews and photos of the contents. Here's their list of the best.

2. Subscribe them to a magazine

For the youngsters among you, magazines are like the internet but printed out and sent to you in the post. They make excellent presents because no one buys them for themselves anymore, but everyone likes receiving something in the mail that isn't a bill or a threat.

Since this is Gizmodo UK, we're slightly biased towards all the lovely magazines owned by our overlords, Future Publishing. Choose from titles like FourFourTwo, Classic Rock, Retro Gamer, Total Film, T3, Mac Life and about a billion others.

You can subscribe online, but if you've got time, get down to the newsagent and buy a physical edition of whatever you choose as well, so you've got something to hand them. Browse the selection here.

3. Get them a gift card

Image: One4All

Easy-peasy. It's basically letting someone go shopping with your wallet. Admittedly, not the most original or thoughtful gift, but it's still one up on a tenner in a card.

There are endless choices of gift cards, from Google Play and the App Store to every high street store ever invented and ones that can be used at lots of them. Loads of supermarkets and shops sell the physical ones, or you can buy them online.

4. Give them the gift of music

Image: Spotify

Three months of Spotify Premium, a year of Deezer, a vinyl subscription -- however they listen, there's probably a way to gift it to them virtually and look really thoughtful at the same time.

5. ...Or the gift of movies

A Cineworld voucher, a Netflix gift card, a MUBI film every day for a year, a NowTV Sky Cinema pass -- there are loads of ways to give a film fan endless titles to watch.

They're all available digitally, but if you have time, it's nice to put the physical voucher inside a DVD case so they have something to open. Bonus points if it's a terrible film so they think that's all you got them.

6. Treat them to a meal out

Image: Greggs

A gift card to Greggs, Toby Carvery, Harvester, Zizzi, Pizza Express, there's even one for O'Neills and All Bar One. Tesco do loads of restaurant digital gift cards, as do PayPal, and the chains themselves often offer them too.

Basically, pick their favourite place to eat, give them some cash to spend there, dress it up as the gift of a night out. Offer to babysit if you want double Brownie points.

7. ...or a meal in

There are gift cards to Uber Eats, Hello Fresh, and some takeaways -- although Just Eat and Deliveroo sadly don't seem to offer them. For shaaame.

8. Give them a game

Or lots of games. Sign them up for PlayStation Plus, give them Steam credit, buy them a digital Xbox voucher, give them credit for the Nintendo e-shop, get a gift card for Google Play or the App Store -- there are tonnes of ways to digitally gift games these days.

An even better present is promising not to complain about how long they spend gaming after they've opened it.

9. Donate to their favourite charity

Image: Samaritans

This one has to be judged carefully, because while some people would be thrilled, others would be grumpy. It's not a great gift for a kid, for instance.

Still, if they're a generous "I have enough stuff already" type, make an online donation to somewhere that fits their values (Cats Protection, Macmillan, the NSPCC, the RNLI, the Samaritans, the WWF...), print it out nicely, doodle something appropriate on it and let them bask in selfless glory.

10. Buy them basically anything in the world

If all else fails, it's Amazon gift card time. This is only slightly better than literally giving them money, but they do at least offer some nice gift boxes and suchlike if you order in time to get them. Failing that, they have designs you can print off at home, or send by email.

The snowflake one is a particularly good choice for a millennial, we reckon.

Anything we've missed? Let us know your best last-minute Christmas tips in the comments.