Leaked Images Show Off Huawei's Nova 4, Again, Complete With the Camera Hole

By Tom Pritchard on at

Camera holes are the future, which means hole-toting doughnut phones (©Gizmodo UK 2018) are the future as well. We've been hearing a bit about them recently, especially Huawei's Nova 4 which has already been the focus of some big leaks. Now, though, some more pictures of the phone have surfaced on Chinese social network Weibo.

As you can see in the images below (via GSMArena), the camera is just sitting there in the top right corner minding its own business. It doesn't look much like a hole in its completed form, to be honest. it's just a camera sans notch bezel. Though that does mean the image on screen can surround the camera, which can't be done if it's been notched away.

There's still a bit of a chin at the bottom too, though Huawei has shrunk the bezels down quite a lot. It's not clear what the screen/body ratio is from this picture, but it's an admirable job. As you can see from the rear images Huawei isn't scrimping on the other features. There's a P20 Pro-style triple camera system, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and the Twilight colouring. The pictures make it look a bit chunky, but who cares about that. Nobody buys a phone because it's thin.

There are no other details about specs, which is a shame, nor cam we see whether there's a headphone jack, so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens when Huawei unveils the device on 17th December. Meanwhile Samsung is going to launch its doughnut phone on 11th December, and Lenovo is expected to show off one tomorrow (7th) [GSMArena]