Leaked Photo Could Be Our First Glimpse Of The OnePlus 7

By Holly Brockwell on at

A risky leaked photo of OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has given us a glimpse of a handset we haven't seen before. We don't know if it's the upcoming OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 5G phone or something else, but it has a design that's pretty different from past OnePlus phones.

The photo was leaked by Ishan Agarwal on Twitter, who says it's still in the prototype stage:

Whoever leaked that photo has balls of steel, or just doesn't care about their job. In a small meeting room with a very clear picture of where they were sitting and who they were next to, it'd be child's play to work out who took (and presumably also leaked) the image.

From what we can see of the phone, it has a large circular camera enclosure on the back, putting us very much in mind of the old Nokia Lumia 1020:

That phone had the giant enclosure because it had a 41MP camera and a 6-lens setup. Maybe the new OnePlus uses the 48MP sensor that's been kicking around and needs extra space for a billion lenses or some other kind of fanciness.

In the original image, there's some noise underneath the lens enclosure, so we ran the photo through Let's Enhance to see if it's a OnePlus logo. And it is!

A little closer:

Yep, that's a OnePlus alright.

We can also see another colour of the phone in the hands of the guy to the right:

Not much else to go on, except that there are snowflakes on the wall of the meeting room, suggesting the photo was taken this month.

What do you reckon -- is it the OnePlus 7? Or the OnePlus 5G phone? Do you like the Lumia-like design? Let us know in the comments, we're dying to speculate.