Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Photo Shows Off Yet Another Emo Notch

By Tom Pritchard on at

Notches are old news these days, and the simple fact that a phone has a notch isn't really news. Well unless that a) that phone is an off-centre notch that looks more like an emo fringe, and b) that phone was made by Samsung - a company that built entire ad campaigns around mocking Apple's notch-based screen design. So when leaked images claim to show off the Galaxy S10 with both, well, that's something to talk about.

Now there's always the possibility that this isn't a final design, but the image above (hi-res version here) claims to be the Galaxy S10 and features a dual camera that lives in the right-hand corner of the screen. The notch itself is quite difficult to see because the notification bar has been filled in, but it's pretty obvious that it's there. In fact it's very similar to the 5G prototype Samsung showed off last week, which reiterates rumours that some versions of the Galaxy S10 will go on sale with 5G support.

While some might point out that there's nothing to suggest this is actually the main Galaxy S10, the phone has been tagged with a label that says 'Beyond 02 #2'. It's been known for a while that Samsung was developing the S10 under the Beyond codename, but that isn't proof this is the final phone. For one the design is very... boxy, and nowhere near as streamlined as previous Galaxy phones. It also have a whopping chin could easily be shaved down to maximise screen space.

So it means this prototype is bound to change between now and launch. That's assuming this is legitimate, and let's be honest there's a reasonable chance that it's a fake. We're going to have to wait and see what happens, but if Samsung does opt for the Emo Notch then it marks a big change for the future of its flagship handsets. [Slashleaks via Engadget]