Leaving House Derisked as YouTuber Banned from Theme Parks, Bridges and Buildings

By Gary Cutlack on at

YouTuber Ally Law, who made a name for himself recording videos of bantering derring-do in legal grey areas, has been banned from entering UK theme parks and TV studios, lest he disrupt processes and incur massive security and clean-up costs.

A cursory glance of his YouTube feed shows him taking particular pleasure in tagging videos as "POLICE ESCAPE" and enjoying the fact that helicopters have been called out to monitor him at vast expense for the enjoyment of his content consumers, with two of his stunts -- climbing a rollercoaster at Thorpe Park and breaking into the Big Brother house -- finally earning him an interim criminal behaviour order that demands he refrain from climbing rollercoasters and entering TV studios.

Those two points ought to be quite easy to comply with, although the ban also restricts him from entering parts of bridges or buildings not open to the public, all forms of commercial property outside business hours, and, fortunately for anyone planning a day out in the UK, any and all property owned by Merlin Entertainments. Surrey Police's Nick Pinkerton said: "Ally Law has offended all over the country and we used evidence from all over in our application because we know that he has been causing numerous police forces issues for some time."

Police have said they even want to impound and destroy his GoPro, which, if he can borrow another camera, might make an interesting YouTube video. [Sky News]