Little Plumpton Wobbled by Latest Frackquake

By Gary Cutlack on at

The ON/OFF lever beside the massive hoses operated by Cuadrilla on its Lancashire fracking site has been shoved to the OFF position again, after the operation to squeeze fossil fuels out of the ground caused its biggest tremor yet and fracking was once again suspended.

People in favour of the project and the staff of Cuadrilla would rather this be called a "micro seismic event" rather than anything as dramatic as an earthquake, mind, as the magnitude of the largest of the latest series of tremors only hit 1.5ML at the lowest end of the seismic measurement scale. The British Geological Survey recorded nine separate wobbles yesterday morning, seeing both the largest number of "events" occur in one burst and the strongest one to hit arrive.

The pro-fracking group Lancashire for Shale says it's a case of the papers getting overly stressed about nothing and that people who say their teacups wobbled and they felt tremors were mistaken, as they explained: "In this particular instance, the British Geological Survey says that some people report having felt the tremor, but researchers at the University of Liverpool say a 1.5 ML microseismic event occurring at a depth of two kilometres, where the fracking is taking place, would only produce surface vibration equivalent to dropping a honeydew melon on the floor." [Lancashire Post]