Looks Like The Galaxy A10 Will Have Samsung's First In-Screen Fingerprint Pad

By Holly Brockwell on at

Tech moves so fast that it already feels like we've had in-screen fingerprint scanners -- like the one on S9 Plus competitor the Huawei Mate 20 Pro -- for ages. But it's actually only been a few months.

Samsung, despite often being first to trends like this, so far hasn't released a phone with an in-screen print pad. But it sounds like that's about to change with the Galaxy A10.

The Galaxy A range, for the unfamiliar, is where Samsung experiments with new features. There was the Galaxy A9 with a slightly-ridiculous four cameras on the back:

Then there was the Galaxy A8, Samsung's first doughnut phone (aka one with the Infinity-O hole-punched display):

And now we're hearing rumours about the next phone in the range, the upcoming Galaxy A10.

According to Slashgear, it's looking like the A10 will be Samsung's first phone with an under-screen fingerprint sensor, even though the company has been working on that tech for ages.

We already know the Galaxy S10 (keep up) will have an in-screen fingerprint sensor (well, as far as leaks can be trusted, anyhow). That one will be the ultrasonic type, which uses sound waves to get a 3D picture of your finger, making it much more secure than the 2D type that uses light.

It seems one of the reasons Samsung has held back on this tech -- other than the fact they've been holding back on lots of things lately -- is that the in-screen scanners released so far work with LCD screens, and Samsung prefers AMOLED on its top-end phones. The ultrasonic scanner in the S10 will likely work with AMOLED, though, and maybe that's the one we'll also see on the A10.


We may well see this tech shown off privately or publicly at CES 2019, which is just over a week away, whereas the S10 is due to launch just before Mobile World Congress in February. Not long to wait now 'til the leaks turn into leads.