McDonald's Is Giving Away McNugget Christmas Baubles

By Holly Brockwell on at

They're not exactly associated with Christmas, but nonetheless McDonald's have decided to make chicken McNugget tree decorations and give them away to promote its new Christmas advert. (Would turkey McNuggets not have been more festive? OK, OK, we'll get back in our boxes).

The #ReindeerReady Christmas giveaway includes golden McNugget baubles, McNugget Christmas lights, and reindeer Christmas jumpers.

To enter, you just plug your details into the website and choose baubles or lights (you can't specify which), or your preferred size of reindeer jumper.

The Christmas ad it's promoting is actually pretty good, and makes us feel mega guilty for not always buying carrots for Santa's reindeer (the world's gone somewhat mad when McDonald's is shaming us about carrots, but here we are):

The competition's open 'til December the 13th if you'd like some branded baubles. Oh, 2018.