Millennials Don't Have Can Openers, Apparently

By Holly Brockwell on at

They've been blamed for everything from the price of avocados to the decline of Western civilisation, and now apparently millennials are at fault for not buying enough canned fish.

A report in the Wall Street Journal says tinned tuna sales are down 42% in the last 30 years, causing consternation for tuna brands including the ridiculously named Chicken Of The Sea (apparently Americans need their food explained to them in facile analogies. We hereby move to rename broccoli 'forest of the fridge').

antdoubleu via Giphy

Apparently the smell and un-Instagrammable nature of tuna is part of the problem, but it's compounded by the fact that millennials don't own tin openers, according to some guy (well, a VP) from marketing.

Really? Really?

The generation that had to live off baked beans because university grants were no longer a thing doesn't own tin openers?

We're sceptical.

Nonetheless, tuna companies are apparently planning a pivot to pouches to help young folks get into the packaging. They could just put a ring pull on the can if that was the real problem (and lots of them do already), but when you're resorting to calling it Chicken of the Sea so people don't get freaked out by the idea of eating, you know, fish of the sea, all logic's long since departed. [Metro]

Featured image: Mike Mozart via Flickr CC