Model 3s Could Hit the Left-Hand Parts of Europe by February

By Gary Cutlack on at

Elon Musk has said something normal and sensible and not about what Wi-Fi speeds his geodesic Mars pod is going to be enjoying, updating the Tesla fans of the world about plans for his cheaper Model 3 electric car in Europe.

The good news for people in Tesla-supported parts of Europe is that the order has been given -- or is about to be given -- to work harder and smash out a run of EU-spec Model 3s in January, meaning that the finished models may be arriving with their customers by as soon as the end of February. The less thrilling news for people in the countries that drive on the left-hand side of the road is that right-hand drive models will be following later at a still unspecified date.

So the UK is likely to be one of the last countries on the current Tesla sales map to see the Model 3 making use of the charging networks, although there is some small mount of excitement to be had for UK-based Tesla enthusiasts waiting for the car to arrive -- demo Model 3s will be installed from December 5 in the carmaker's London Park Royal and Manchester-South distribution centres, so anyone with a valid reservation number can go in and have a look and maybe even a sneaky sit-in and a go on the radio. [Electrek]