Morrisons Wins December With £2 Christmas Dinner Quiche

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Christmas food battle has been fierce this year, with entrants including M&S's foot-long pigs in blankets, Aldi's prosecco teabags and... erm... Just Eat's onion bhaji baubles.

But we reckon Morrisons has just put itself at number one with the release of two festive treats we'd love to get our chops round: a scotch egg pork pie, and an entire Christmas dinner in a quiche.

The scotch egg pork pie contains an entire egg, surrounded by British pork and hot water crust pastry, plus a sprinkling of baked crumb on the top to give it that breadcrumbed scotch egg feeling.

Apparently, inspiration struck when Morrisons realised they'd sold 500k scotch eggs and a whopping two million pork pies in the pre-Christmas feasting period last year.

You can grab one for just three quid up to the 28th of December. It serves four people in theory, but you're probably not going to share it, are you?

Meanwhile, the Christmas-dinner-in-a-quiche is exactly what it sounds like: British turkey and pork, shredded ham, sage and onion stuffing in a traditional egg custard base. But the real genius here is the price: it's TWO POUNDS for an entire Christmas dinner that you don't have to make yourself.

If Kevin McCallister had had Morrisons at his disposal, he wouldn't have had to resort to mac and cheese on Christmas Day.

The quiche is available 'til the 31st for all your lazy festive lunching needs.