Morrisons Has Random Box of Potentially Unidentifiable Veg for £1

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket Morrisons, king of the wonky veg trend, has had another idea to shift decaying produce contribute to the health of the nation – a "Too Good to Waste" £1 bargain box of fruit and vegetables that are nearing the end of their advertised shelf lives, but remain edible enough to be roasted, made into soup, fed to the guinea pigs or taken to a sporting event to be thrown at enemy shirts. You could even eat them raw and tell everyone on Instagram about how it made you feel amazing, even if it didn't.

The idea of bulk-selling ageing produce is not new -- and even the name has been used before by Lidl – but you can't really go wrong with 1kg of misc fresh fruit and veg for £1, as long as you have at least some idea what those stalky green and white bulb things are and which end you are supposed to eat. And that's a nice cardboard crate you could use for organising things at home too, as long as it's not got rotten swede in the bottom of it.

The press release has two caveats*. Your massive box of soon-use fruits and vegetables will only contain "ambient" veg that doesn't need refrigeration, and celery is not included for reasons we are not told but now can't stop thinking about. Does the British Celery Council have an agreement that bans discounting? Does celery make everything near it taste of celery? Do staff get to take home celery for free as a perk? Have they promised all the mouldy celery to persons unknown? Does celery go up in value over time?

*A caveat is not a type of vegetable, it's like a special point you should be aware of before getting into a deal or arrangement.