Morrisons Introduces the Wonky Brussels Sprout Stalk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hated Brussels sprout is about to become a marginally harder sell this Christmas, thanks to supermarket Morrisons adding slightly wonky stalks of the miniature brassica to its Christmas range. The good news is it costs just 75p for an entire, slightly off alignment stalk of the little round vegetable.

Seeing as they'll mostly be scraped into the bin cold it doesn't really matter what the original shape or height of the plant was, so you might as well. Morrisons says it is doing this is for two reasons; it helps farmers shift stock that didn't grow particularly well because of the hot summer we all complained about at the time but would now happily have back, plus it makes the task of assembling a Christmas dinner for the family to listlessly prod around a plate while regretting having chocolate for breakfast a little cheaper.

The supermarket says these shorter, heat-savaged stalks may not have been harvested and sold at all, so by purchasing one you're doing your bit to support network of  British sprout farmers in Yorkshire and The Cotswolds this year, as even at 75p a pop there's a small amount of money to be made for everyone involved in the sprout chain. [Morrisons via Metro]