Morrisons Stuffed a Full Christmas Dinner Into a Pasty

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas dinner is big and requires a lot of effort, and it doesn't help when my brother throws a tantrum every time someone decides to change how the turkey is cooked for the sake if simplicity. It's all a huge faff, even if you try and make everything easier for yourself, so Morrisons has tried to make everything as simple as possible by stuffing a full Christmas dinner into a pasty.

The pasty is a full three course meal stuff into a pastry shell, which means cooking it is as simple as however it is you choose to cook this sort of thing. I use a grill, but I guess you could put it in the oven or (if you're a savage that loves soggy pasties) the microwave. The starter, main, and dessert each take up a third of the pasty, which means that you could easily have a bit of everything in one mouthful. I wouldn't recommend that after hearing what's inside, though.

The starter is an Ardennes pâté with apple chutney and melba toast, which isn't going to mix well with Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. So you need to be careful, even if there's a buffer of turkey, stuffing, potato, pigs in blankets, and cranberries, because you know how easy it is for stuff to get mixed up on your plate. As Metro points out it's a lot like the monstrous trifle/shepherd's pie hybrid Rachel made in Friends.

Personally I think it would have made more sense for Morrisons to offer a Christmas three pack, so there was no risk of cross-contamination, but apparently it was inspired by the original Cornish pasties. They apparently had meat and vegetables at one end, with jam and fruit at the other. Sounds a bit grim if you ask me, but I'm not judging the Joeys of the world who like to eat that sort of thing.

The pasties go on sale, and can be found at the pie shop counter for £2.50 each. [Metro]