The Most-Pirated Show Of 2018 Was The Walking Dead

By Holly Brockwell on at

Every year, TorrentFreak announces the most-pirated TV shows of the year, and 2018 sees The Walking Dead end Game of Thrones' 6-year reign at the top.

That's because only shows that were released in that year are counted, and GoT didn't give us any new episodes this year. AND DON'T WE KNOW IT.

Here's the top ten:

  1. The Walking Dead

  2. The Flash

  3. The Big Bang Theory

  4. Vikings

  5. Titans

  6. Arrow

  7. Supernatural

  8. Westworld

  9. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

  10. Suits

Last year, the shows in first, second and third place were in second, third and fourth respectively, so they're still as popular as ever -- they've just moved up a slot because of the lack of Thrones.

Surprisingly, given Meghan Markle mania, Suits has dropped a place from 9 to 10 this year.

The rankings are taken from BitTorrent traffic, so they might not accurately represent the pirating activity of the whole internet, but it's a good indication.

It's also a good indication of which shows are a complete pain in the bum to get hold of legally -- many people will quite happily stream or download something on the right side of the law if they can, but if there are no good options available or it's significantly easier to use a torrent, that's what they'll do. A lot of that is on the content owners -- let us give you our money!




Game of Thrones is of course back on our screens next year, at which point we fully expect to see it back in its rightful place at the top of the table.  [TorrentFreak]