MPs Call For Entirely Unnecessary Ban on Eating Dogs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently, it isn't technically illegal to eat dog meat in this country, a fact that shouldn't really need pointing out as it's honestly never really occurred to anyone. Dogs are for patting, walking, and social content generation, not stews. But the fact is being pointed out by international animal protection charities, so, always keen to enact the will of the people, our MPs are trying to make sure that the UK's dog-eating legal loophole is soon closed.

This is the work of the very good boys, the very very good boys of the World Dog Alliance, who are so good, so very very good, that they believe the UK taking a stand in outlawing something we never do might encourage other, less savoury regimes to think about their own systemic enabling of the consumption of dog and dog-related products.

The US has recently put laws against slaughtering dogs for food into its books, and a committee of UK MPs working as the dog advisory welfare group is hoping we might soon do the same. Committee member and Labour MP David Drew said: "The UK government needs to stand up for man's best friend and ensure that we are upholding our reputation as leaders in animal welfare. This is the time for the UK to lead by example and enact a ban on the consumption of dog meat in the UK." [BBC]