M&S Launches Foot-Long Pigs In Blankets

By Holly Brockwell on at

The ridiculous festive foods continue with the news that Marks and Spencer have made pigs in blankets a foot long.

Giant cosy ham isn't a new thing: Aldi already sells footlong pigs in blankets, as does Asda, and the former has also launched a triple-sausage variety this year.

Still, we expect daft Christmas food from discount retailers -- not so much from the fancypants ones. Clearly, it's not enough to make 'not just pigs in not just blankets' this year.

M&S's bacon-wrapped sausages weigh a button-straining 670g, and are made from outdoor-bred pork sausage and streaky bacon (we hope they gave the pigs jumpers) at a cost of £5 for two. If that's not hefty enough for your porky needs, there's always this 1.2kg monster from MuscleFood.

Marks & Spencer product developer Sarah Loxton comments between extra-large bites:

"Pigs in blankets have always been my favourite part of a Christmas dinner and I know I’m not alone.

This year we’ve pulled out all the stops and have developed two giant foot long pigs in blankets. Why not try as a festive hot dog with lashings of cranberry sauce."

Festive hot dogs? OK, we're in. They're available from M&S stores from today.