Netflix Finally Tells Us When We Can Legally Watch DC's Titans in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

A lot of you may be aware that DC's Titans TV series is exclusive to the comic publishers own streaming service, DC Universe, which means it wasn't available to anyone outside the USA when it debuted back in October. Shortly before that date Netflix announced it had picked up the international streaming rights, but failed to tell us when we'd actually be able to sit down and watch the titular series. Two months later we've finally found out.

For the record that's two months after the first episode debuted in the US, and two weeks after the final episode is released there. Sadly it's not clear if 11th January will see the entire 12-episode series hot Netflix, or if we'll have to wait a week between new episodes. You'd hope the former, given Netflix's track record and how we've had to wait so long, but you never know. I've emailed Netflix asking for clarification and will update if I hear back.

But if you have any ounce of patience this news does mean you can stop pirating the series each week, and just wait to do it legally. [Digital Spy]