Netflix Might Soon Let You Replay Cool Moments Instantly

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've all had that moment of "whoa, whaaaat" in a TV show or film, where you want to instantly rewind and watch it a couple more times.

Realistically, this means faffing about trying to rewind to the perfect point without going too far in either direction, and usually ends with us watching two irrelevant minutes again just so we can stop trying.

Netflix knows this feeling, and is testing a new feature whereby popular rewatch scenes give you a little prompt to watch again. Tap that, and it'll go back to the perfect point automatically for your rewatching pleasure.

According to Engadget, the popup is being tested on content including Dumplin' and Mowgli, neither of which are titles we'd associate with big "gotta watch that again" moments, but OK.

Netflix said it's not necessarily intending to roll the feature out to everyone: it's just a test at the moment. Apparently the popups can be quite distracting -- especially in big emotional scenes, we'd imagine. Still, that doesn't mean Netflix couldn't make them optional.

This is the kind of feature that big data and AI could help enormously with. Given enough aggregated info about where people tend to rewind from and to, all TV services could provide smart replay options that default to what most people were trying to replay. But that would require co-operation between the streaming sites and content creators, and that's about as likely as us downloading a car.