Netflix's Subscriber Numbers Should Overtake Sky's by Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

A particularly boring mainstream TV offering could be the trigger for Netflix subscribers to overtake Sky account holder numbers this week, with one TV analyst thinking the end of 2018 could see the streaming new-ish-comer overtake the ageing dish dinosaur.

The forecast by Ampere Analysis says Netflix should end 2018 on around 9.78 million subscribers, higher than the 9.64 million that Sky is estimated to have. Of course, Sky's coming down a bit to meet the continuing Netflix surge, with an estimated 55,000 people thought to have binned off their old Sky accounts this year to either go free satellite, retro digital terrestrial, or for one of the full modern dongled-up streaming choices, the latter of which are now so popular they're out-earning the cinemas.

Sky's still going to be the biggest earner in TV by far, though, thanks to all the football men and the fact it somehow convinces people that more than £40 a month is worth it for having hundreds of channels about sport, god, music and repeats. Ampere's Richard Broughton said: "Of course, although Netflix’s subscriber numbers look large, the other factor that needs to be taken into account is revenue generation. Netflix makes just £7.99 a subscriber; Sky makes on average almost £50 per subscriber per month."

There's something to do when visiting relatives this year -- bin their Sky accounts and furnish them with a streaming setup for one sixth of the rolling monthly cost. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash