Here's Your First Look At The Fancypants New London City Airport

By Holly Brockwell on at

London City Airport -- which is currently thanking its lucky stars it hasn't been targeted for some bellend's drone flyover -- has unveiled concept images of its £500m makeover, which will be completed in 2022.

The 51,000-square-metre terminal has curving lines apparently inspired by the river Thames. There'll be light and art installations and graphical wall panels, plus lots of large digital screens for "storytelling" (read: ads).

The airport was originally built in 1987 for a million passengers. 31 years later, it's on track to serve 5 million passengers next year, and thus is badly in need of an upgrade.


The work will increase the floor space by a factor of four, and will include eight new plane stands, new terminal facilities on the east and west of the existing airport, and a taxiway parallel to the runway.

It'll be able to handle an extra 30,000 flights a year, and will be adding new routes to Munich, Budapest, Vilnius, Warsaw, Newcastle and Split in 2019.


There'll also be a tonne more shops, obviously.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport (you can be CEO of an airport?!) comments:

"Through our transformation programme, we have a blank canvas and a great opportunity to provide our passengers with an airport experience that truly reflects modern London, the greatest city in the world.

We welcome millions of visitors to London every year right into the heart of London, and we want to create an unforgettable first and last impression of London, showcasing the very best of the capital and demonstrating it is open for business and thriving.

Alongside this we will of course maintain an airport experience that is grounded in our fundamentals of providing speed, efficiency, convenience and excellent customer service."

They might want to earmark some of that £500m for anti-drone defences, though.