NHS Invests in Modern Drunk Tanks to Unclog the Nation's A&Es

By Gary Cutlack on at

The NHS is putting around £300,000 into funding the UK's varied network of "drunk tanks" and their like, hoping that the charitable emergency crash pads might stop so many drunks being thrown from taxis outside hospitals and left for the nation's emergency staff to wipe down, pump out, and send home again to repeat it all the next day.

Of course "drunk tanks" is a phrase we don't use any more, as they are officially known as "alcohol intoxication management services" these days. Which sounds nice. Perhaps you can book a bed in advance if you know you're going to drink so much tonight that your friends disown you and you've swapped your phone for beer money and can't even speak to book a taxi.

NHS England's Simon Stevens said: "I have seen first-hand while out with ambulance crews in the run-up to last Christmas the problems that drunk and often aggressive people cause paramedics and A&E staff who just want to help those who need it most. NHS does not stand for 'National Hangover Service' which is why we want to help other organisations take care of those who just need somewhere safe to get checked over and perhaps sleep it off." [NHS via Guardian]