NHS Staff Offered Free Ubers for Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a FEELGOOD Christmas story involving two of the most commonplace things in the UK – Uber and the NHS. Because our public transport system tends to close down for Christmas, NHS staff can be left stuck for a way to get in to work, as the sick don't all magically heal themselves and politely check out on Christmas Eve. Hence some workers employed by the NHS are about to enjoy the luxury of taking Uber rides for free on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, making it easier for them to get to their hospitals and clinics of work during bus/train lockdown.

It's not quite as massively generous a splurge as it sounds, though, as NHS staff are being handed two £10 "vouchers" (in the form of electronic discount codes) that can be used to pay for trips with the car-hailing service. There is some signing-up to be done beforehand too, which will filter out a few of the not-bothereds. This positive news could be destroyed by Uber aggressively surge-pricing the hell out of customers over Christmas, mind, so save the thumbs-up emojis for December 27 at least.

Also, lest you get angry, Uber is picking up the bill for all this, which has got health secretary Matt Hancock saying something nice in return. He explained: "Everyone wants to be home with their families for Christmas Day but so many of our selfless NHS staff give up their holidays to care for those who need it most. It's great that Uber have agreed to step in and offer a free ride home this Christmas and I hope this makes life a little easier for our dedicated NHS workers." [Uber via Daily Record]