Of All the Places to Buy Caviar, I Never Thought Aldi Would Make the List

By Tom Pritchard on at

Caviar is one of those fancy foods enjoyed by rich people, or so they lead us common types to believe. I've never seen the appeal to be honest, because they're just fish eggs that don't taste very good. But if you want to add a bit of class to your dining room, you can now buy caviar from a very unlikely source: Aldi.

The same Aldi that sells footlong pigs in blankets, giant cuddly carrot toys, and a bunch of random stuff you can't help but buy in case it's ever eventually useful. It's also just in time for Christmas, in case you need to do something to try and impress your snobbish mother in law.

The fish eggs are supplied by Yorkshire's KC Caviar, and are set to go on sale this Saturday (22nd), but being a fancy luxurious foodstuff they won't come cheap. A single 10g pot is set to cost £18, which feels a little bit extreme, but then again I am not the intended audience for this.

If the fact it's cheap (I think?) wasn't enough for you, Aldi has also promised its caviar is ethical and sustainably sourced from within Britain. Which means you should still be able to get your hands on it after Brexit, regardless of what happens with the EU. The ethical part comes from a process of removing the eggs from a sturgeon without harming it in the process. Which is quite helpful, because it means that same fish can keep producing caviar for future wannabe posh people.

John Addey, Director of KC Caviar, described the process:

“Aldi’s Specially Selected British Caviar is produced by using a technique of gently massaging the sturgeon’s stomachs every month, allowing the fish to naturally spawn around 30kg of perfectly ripe and optimum Caviar that is full of flavour and bite. At the end of the fish’s egg-producing years, they are left to ‘retire’ to live out the rest of their days peacefully in conservation lakes around the world.”

I don't see why you can't then eat the retired fish, but hey whatever works for them. At least it's one less thing for PETA to bitch about while trying to pretend anyone cares.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said:

“Christmas is a time for indulgence and we want families across the nation to enjoy new flavours and luxurious food over the festive period without worrying about the cost.

“This year, we are incredibly excited to introduce Specially Selected British Caviar to our Christmas food range and to our customers, many of whom will have never experienced it before.”