Oh Christ, There Might Be Another Type of Bin Soon

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is consulting on whether or not houses need more types of bin outside them, with the currently favoured plan being to introduce a specific food waste bin alongside a bottle deposit return system to further demonise the plastic sea monster.

The headline development within the Resources and Waste Strategy is the passing on of recycling costs to the producers of the plastic tat, with the DEFRA plan asking us consumers to do our bit to shut up David Attenborough by finally endorsing the introduction of a plastic bottle deposit and return system, as fondly remembered by old people, back when it was glass that was being wasted.

Streamlining the UK's patchwork of recycling policies is another ambition of the plan, and -- to the delight of local newspapers across the country -- an effort is to be made to convince councils to return to weekly bin collections for the food waste bins, plus, perhaps, there could be free garden waste collections, to stop so much potentially compostable or burnable material heading to landfill to slowly rot.

The food industry is to be asked to provide a better and more consistent approach to labelling on packaging as well, making it clearer what goes in what bin and what's beyond saving and turning into something else. There's one more interesting idea too; the introduction of "mandatory guarantees and extended warranties" on products, in an attempt to encourage manufacturers to end the Just Bin It(TM) approach to product lifecycles and encourage repairs. [DEFRA via BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash