Oh God What Did They Do to Instagram Yesterday

By Victoria Song on at

Instagram is rolling out a new way to stalk everyone in your feed: sideways.

Instead of the vertical feed we’ve all become accustomed to, some users can now either tap or swipe left or right—much like how you would scroll through Stories. Now scrolling down will just bring up comments, while viewing your DMs, profile, search, and notifications appear to remain the same. While not everyone has the updated interface, it appears to be rolling out pretty widely if Twitter losing its mind is any indication.

In our brief time with the new swipe interface... let’s just say we are not fans. The office consensus is that the swiping interface makes the feed look worse, and is visually jarring. Initially, it seemed like the update was meant to prioritise stories, but when you swipe through your feed the interface hides the Stories bar automatically while expanding posts. And strangely, in my experience, the change seemed to de-prioritise posts from friends, while sponsored posts, celebrities, and “influencers” got more screen time.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a tweet that the rollout was a small test that rolled out to more people than intended. It’s since been rolled back. You can get your old feed if you close and restart the app.

In the meantime, we can all cry together. At least we all know who’s to blame.

Featured image: Andrew Liszewski, Emily Lipstein (Gizmodo)