OnePlus Confirms a McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T is Coming, Even Though We'd All Figured That Out

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week OnePlus announced that it had partnered with McLaren for something, but wouldn't say what. It didn't take long to figure out there was a special edition phone on the way, and the rumours quickly started suggesting the phone will have 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Now OnePlus has confirmed that a new phone is coming on 11th December.

We know this because OnePlus has started sending out invites, and Pocket Lint editor Chris Hall has been showing his off on Twitter. It's pretty fancy for an invite, and the last time OnePlus asked me anywhere it was done via email, so clearly the company has a lot invested in the event.

Look at the orange envelope inside and you'll see the text near the bottom confirms the event is focused on the 'OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition' which is a 'flagship like no other'. No clues as to what the phone is, but what makes it 'like no other'? Well the rumoured 10GB of RAM is certainly something special, if it's true, but is there something else? Hall speculates there may be carbon fibre involved in the design, though having some sort of orange colouring would be pretty unique as well.

5G is also on the cards at some point, given OnePlus's enthusiasm for the tech. But it's already rumoured that the OnePlus 5G will be a separate (and more expensive) device, and there's still a mystery event on the cards for January that would nicely suit that unveiling.

This stuff has a habit of leaking, but should that not happen there isn't long to wait. The 11th is only a week away, after all. More as we hear it. [Pocket Lint]