OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Works With the Old Cables, But Not the Old Phones

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week when OnePlus announced the McLaren Edition 6T, with its 10GB of RAM, the company also unveiled its brand new fast charging system - Warp Charge 30. Using the 30W  Warp charger means the special edition phone can regain 50 per cent of its battery in 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes faster than the old fast charging system. Now the phone is out in the world we're learning a bit more about Warp Charge and how it works.

OnePlus reveals all in a new blog post, noting that the mechanics of the fast charging are similar to the old fast (formerly Dash) charging system. Unlike standard fast charging systems, which often dissipates excess heat through the phone, Warp Charge keeps the majority of it well away from the important bits. That means charging doesn't affect performance and all the other issues that come with phones getting too hot. There's also better protection around the battery for better cooling.

The most important thing revealed is that Warp Charge 30 isn't reliant on the special orange cable that comes with the phone. Provided you have the 30 watt charger you can use the old (red) charging cables to recharge at the improved speeds. The new charger also works with old OnePlus phones, but limits the charging speed to the old 20W speeds for obvious reasons. We can't have any Galaxy Note 7-like situations happening because someone used the wrong plug.

So now we know, which is useful for when the OnePlus 7 comes out and inevitably has the new supercharged charging bundled inside. [OnePlus]