Only the Purest of EVs Should be Allowed on Fast Public Chargers, Say Auto Experts

By Gary Cutlack on at

An EV network enthusiast has put out the idea that hybrid vehicles should be barred from using the public electric car charging network, as the halfway house cars often charge at vastly slower rates than their pure EV rivals and, oh yes, they have entire extra engines in them too so perhaps their need for a top-up isn't as great.

Looking at what might happen in the future when there's more than one EV bravely trying to use the abandoned-looking fast charger in the Aldi car park, electric infrastructure network expert Harold Dermott says it's all about getting cars in, charged and out again as quickly as possible, as the economics of putting charging stations around the country quickly collapse when some battered old Mitsubishi PHEV is taking up all the bays and trickle charging for half a day.

Dermott's report for the RAC Foundation [PDF] says that such hybrids should only be topped up at home or the workplace, but places the blame for their clogging of the bays on the myriad charging options and speeds that don't exactly help match drivers with the best charging options out there. So until plug-in hybrids can charge at the same rate as the battery-only cars out there, they should only be charged at home, via several daisy-chained extension leads hanging out of an upstairs window. [RAC Foundation via Autocar]