The Pixel 3 Will Soon Be Available With eSIM On EE

By Holly Brockwell on at

Finally, it looks like electronic SIMs are starting to actually happen. When you think about it, there's really no reason getting connected to your phone network should require a little piece of plastic: why can't you just sign in with your credentials like every other digital service?

Google has been leading the charge towards eSIMs, as they're called: the Pixel 2 was the first big smartphone to offer eSIM capability, and now the Pixel 3 has followed suit. Google has announced in a blog post that the Pixel 3 and 3XL will soon be available with eSIM support (hard luck to anyone who's already bought one, then).

The new eSIM Pixels will only be available on certain carriers, and in the UK it's just EE. The Pixel ThrEE with EEsim (sorry – there's a reason we don't work in marketing) will be available "in the coming months."

At the end of the blog post, Google dropped another interesting little titbit:

"To enable a consistent and simple experience across the ecosystem, we’re also creating a program that allows Android device makers to build eSIM-capable smartphones. We look forward to continuing our work with our partners on the potential benefits of eSIM—whether that’s getting you connected to a phone, watch, tablet, or laptop—in the future."

Well, that's good news, isn't it? If Android phones stop requiring those fiddly bastard little SIM-poking tools, that might finally make all the iPhone people switch.*

*Just kidding. iPhone people will say they actually love the SIM poking tool and wouldn't want to be without it, and anyway Android phones smell. Or something.