Polite British Bank Robber Queued for 15 Minutes and Threatened Staff with Febreze

By Gary Cutlack on at

There was a lovely little British bank robbery in Bishop Auckland earlier this year, in which a silly man queued up for 15 minutes in his bank robbery outfit, and looked so odd that the manager even asked him if he was OK while he was waiting to be served.

The poor manager thought he may have had a skin condition what with the face mask and sunglasses in the day time, so was wary of causing offence by accusing him of actually being a robber and asked him if he needed any assistance. He said he was fine and continued to wait in line, then, when it was his turn to speak to the assistant, said he had a bottle of acid (it was actually air freshener Febreze) and asked for money, lest he start spraying everyone with the nice-smelling squeezy product. And he didn't even hand over his personal debit card; he wanted the money for free.

He got his free money – and a fake bundle of cash the bank had to hand that contained a GPS tracker – but thanks to politely queuing in front of CCTV cameras for 15 minutes and attracting the attention of everyone in the branch with his disposition and face-hiding bank robber outfit, was apprehended back at his home within hours. He's now going to have to quietly wait in prison for 40 months. [Northern Echo via Metro]