Poundland's Toblerone Disruptor Twin Peaks Returns in Fruit and Nut Variety

By Gary Cutlack on at

The aisles of your regional Poundlands are literally jammed with pallet loads of Twin Peaks bars at the moment, as the bargain retailer tries to capitalise on last year's amazing popularity of its Toblerone homage by piling them high for Christmas of 2018. And the pressure to trough out is about to get higher for anyone still bravely resisting boarding the Christmas chocolate-for-lunch-and-dinner train already, as a fruit and nut Twin Peaks launches tomorrow.

As well as normalising the consumption of 180g of chocolate in one sad go, Poundland says its bars are some of the best value for sweet lovers on the high street, with the announcement of the fruit and nut Twin Peaks disrespecting rival 200g pointy nougat bars that cost as much as £3. Whereas the Poundland ones cost, as you well know, £1, and the chain says it's shifted one million of them since launch and hopes to double that this Christmas. Hence the pallets full of them in every branch. And nuts are healthy, so there's that.

Unfortunately for Poundland, in the process of writing this story we discovered it sells a range of heinous "Banta Claus" Christmas cards, so we're now boycotting it and can't ever go in one again.