Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Now Free And We Will Be Moving Forthwith

By Holly Brockwell on at

As if rail fares going up 3% isn't bad enough, now Luxembourg's gone and made us even grumpier with the state of UK public transport by making all its trains, trams and buses completely free.

Starting next summer, Luxembourg will be the first country in the world to abolish tickets for all public transport. Oh, and they're also thinking about legalising weed and bringing in two new public holidays.

Jeez, want to shame us any more, guys?

Oh wait, yes they do. Luxembourg is run by a coalition government which has just been re-elected. Our coalition couldn't organise a fart in a mineshaft (not a phrase but we're too angry to care), but theirs can apparently make everything amazing and get re-elected while doing so.

They do have terrible traffic over there, though: loads of people drive over the border every day to work there, and there are 680 cars for every 1000 people.

This isn't the first time they've introduced free transport: earlier this year, the government made it free for kids and people under 20 to use all public transport, and teens in senior school can travel between work and home for free. Meanwhile, Scotrail has just cancelled its free tickets for kids programme.

In Luxembourg, you can also travel for up to two hours for 2 Euros (less than £2). Think how much a two-hour train ride costs here. Christ, we really are rip-off Britain.

Further upsides to the new scheme will be getting rid of ticket checkers, because no one will need a ticket anymore. Presumably ticketing machines and payment systems can also be scrapped.

According to the Guardian, the main issue they have now is how to deal with the first-class carriages on the trains. What we wouldn't give for their problems.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash