Loads Of People Want Tech For Christmas, Reveals Tech Brand

By Holly Brockwell on at

A groundbreaking study by streaming tech manufacturer Roku has revealed that lots of people are hoping to receive tech products this Christmas.

Further to this surprising revelation is the concerning news that while a third of us want to GET tech, over half have BOUGHT tech. Which means approximately 16.777% of the sample population will be getting tech they weren't hoping for! Gadzooks!

Apparently, almost half of us are buying ourselves a present this Christmas (good for you), and a fifth will be waiting until after Christmas to buy presents (great for those January birthdays). The average value of our self-gifts came out to £33.98, with those gosh-darned 16-24-year-old young'uns named the 'biggest self-gifters' (that's a new one).

Londoners, who live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, are revealed to be spending the most on their own Christmas presents, at £50.45. Somewhat less obviously, people from Southampton will be spending the least, although the sample size was only 1200 so potentially skewed by a few really stingy Sotonians. They're only spending an average of £21 on themselves, although compared to London prices you can probably buy a house with that.

If you need a benchmark for the present you've bought your significant other, how's this: nearly a third of respondents thought the biggest gift should be for their partner, spending an average of £57.98. While only a quarter said kids should get the biggest present, they did actually get more spent on them on average: £65.73, which probably buys half a skin on Fortnite these days.

Colleagues get an average of £10.38 spent on them, which is more than many crappy coworkers deserve, we'd wager. If you're still looking, our guide to gifts for people you hate is right here.

There's an infographic because of course there is:


Shockingly, Roku thinks Roku would make a good Christmas present. Europe VP Clive Hudson says while writing his festive Out Of Office message:

"With tech products being popular items on 2018 wish lists, it’s no wonder that nearly 1 in 4 Brits want a streaming player as a gift this year. Roku streaming players are a great gift that brings families and friends together and get [sic] into the festive spirit by streaming Christmas films."

Above tech and whoopee cushions alike is clothing, which is apparently the Christmas gift of choice for half the country. Then it's gadgets, and then jewellery/beauty in joint third. You can blame Amazon's 30p jewellery for that.