Royal Mint Wants £13 for Admittedly Quite Posh £5 Coin

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mint is about to make a small mint for itself this Christmas, as it's launched a new series of limited edition £5 coins to sell to collectors and people who enjoy having this sort of thing.

The interesting novelty about this series of £5 coins is that it celebrates the existence of the Tower of London, so there is, of course, one with a raven on the front of it and obviously the Queen on the back. This coin even has a name; it's the Legend of the Ravens round metal fiver. Other coins in the series will include ones with those bearded men in the costumes who supposedly do the guarding when they're not flirting with American tourists, there's one with a crown on it because of the Crown Jewels in the Tower, and one of some keys, probably because there are big old doors or a famous story about when the keys got lost one time.

Buying the entire set of four costs a staggering £82.50 per coin if you want the higher quality silver proofs. How nice it must be to have a licence to literally print/stamp out money. [Royal Mint]