Ryan Reynolds Sent a Gift to the Guy Who Changed the Avengers: Endgame URL Into a Deadpool Advertisement

By Julie Muncy on at

When the Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped, fans who visited AvengersEndgame.com were met with an odd surprise. The domain, it turns out, is being squatted on, and its owner, Twitter user @AGuyInChair, has turned it into a redirect. For Deadpool. Because Deadpool vs. The Avengers is a thing we’re committing to now, I suppose.

Still, this story gets delightful: recently, AGuyInChair tweeted that he had recently received a package in the mail from Ryan Reynolds himself.

Because, well, when you pull a prank that big, you get big attention, I guess.

AGuyInChair, by the by, is hoping to parlay his domain squatting into tickets to the premiere of the film. Which is not something I can condone, and is undoubtedly a breach of copyright. But I kind of hope he gets them. Just, ‘cause, why not?

Featured image: Fox