Prototype Samsung 5G Phone Spotted – With An Emo Notch

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember the Emo Notch (as we've christened it) from the ASUS ZenFone 6? Casually falling down over the phone's forehead like a greasy sideswept fringe?


Well, looks like it's going to become a thing. Those sharp-eyed types at TechRadar spotted a prototype Samsung 5G phone just chilling in a demo room at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, and although Samsung was quick to say it wasn't a final design, the emo notch is even more pronounced than on the ZenFone:

See what we mean?

This is a big deal for two reasons.

Firstly, Samsung has always been openly anti-notch. They've gone to huge lengths to mock Apple's notches and declare their Infinity displays the better design:

Secondly, EMO IS BACK.

OK fine, secondly the phone is a partnership between Samsung and Verizon and shows how far 5G phones have already come behind closed doors.

We sincerely doubt the phone will go on sale looking like this, though. Samsung SVP Justin Denison tells TechRadar:

"You should think of that device as a sample device. Not necessarily indicative of what the final device will look like, its size, shape, or even the UI treatment."

Nonetheless, 5G phones are happening, and if it means the return of emo, then we're doubly excited. In a dramatic, Livejournal sort of way. Obviously.

Gifs courtesy of Giphy