Hotel Chain Offers 'Social Media Sitter' To Instagram Your Holiday For You

By Holly Brockwell on at

No one wants to spend their entire holiday with someone who won't put their phone down, but if you're going away with one of those social media types, it's a real concern these days.

Ibis hotels in Switzerland think they have the answer: a 'social media sitter' who takes control of your account and posts on your behalf while you're off enjoying your break.

Although the video shows the sitter actually taking the phone to do the posting, apparently you don't have to give them your actual handset – just your password (and the two-factor authentication token, because you do have two-factor, don't you? DON'T YOU?).

Brilliantly, the video is in English "because it's social media." Which is good for us:

The website's in German but says much the same, with profiles of the actual social media sitters you can book. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be a publicity stunt but a real service: there are way too many of them for it to be a joke.

The sitters are available in Geneva and Zurich, and will apparently cost you from £70.

Would you use a social sitter? Would you pay for one? Think the world's gone bonkers? Let us know in the comments.