Some Apple Music Subscribers Can Save £50 on a HomePod

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's fair to say the HomePod hasn't been a huge success for Apple, because it didn't propel the company into smart speaker dominance. There are lots of reasons for that, which we won't get into again, but it does mean there are HomePods lying around that Apple would probably want to get rid of. While there were some discounts floating around the place near Black Friday, they're nothing compared to this.

It seems Apple is sending out discount codes to the lucky few, letting them save £50 on a brand new HomePod purchased from the Apple website. The catch is that Apple only seems to be sending them out to people who subscribe to Apple Music, which sort of makes sense. Since the HomePod is stuck in Apple's closed garden Apple Music is just about the only streaming service you can use, and that means existing subscribers have more of a reason to pick one up.

£50 off a speaker that costs £319 might be enough to tip some people over the edge, especially if their music tends to come from Apple already. £269 is still a lot of money, so it's not like the discount will see HomePods flying out of the Apple warehouses, but it frees up some space that can be used to store headphone dongles and overpriced USB-C cables.

According to 9to5Mac these codes are only valid until 16th December, and so far it's a UK-exclusive deal. So it's worth checking your inbox to see if you got one, just in case you ever fancied a HomePod of your own. Unless you feel like flogging it to a friend, instead of buying them an actual present for Christmas. [9t05Mac]