Tesla Superchargers Will Cover 100% Of Europe In 2019, Says Musk

By Holly Brockwell on at

Elon Musk has announced -- in a tweet, obviously -- that Tesla's Superchargers will cover the whole of Europe in 2019.

Responding to a Tesla driver complaining about the lack of charger coverage in Ireland, Musk said:

Now, while we would caution against taking anything Musk says in a tweet as gospel, it does sound like there are plans afoot for better charger coverage across the whole continent. Musk's specific examples include three countries and a city (Kiev, in Ukraine) and are pretty diverse, including Scandinavia and heading over towards Asia. And since our corner of Europe is included with Ireland, we should be seeing better Supercharger coverage across the UK.

Musk also tweeted that Africa will follow suit in 2020.

Admittedly, one of Musk's tweets did make it into our roundup of The Biggest Tech Lies of 2018 (specifically the notorious "funding secured" one), he's managed to get himself investigated by NASA as a result of the disastrous weed-smoking episode, and he likes to use his social media platform to make accusations of paedophilia, leading most people to say he should tweet less and our own Hudson Hongo to say the opposite.

But the Supercharger tweet seems relatively innocuous, and thus we're going to take Musk on his word that we'll be able to charge anywhere we like while driving across Europe. Until Brexit kicks in and kills freedom of movement, at which point we'll be relegated to our tiny island lamenting the uselessness of our blue passports.