That Time You Bought a Round to be Immortalised in Wetherspoon Museum

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Wetherspoon chain has decided it's so integral toand the fabric of modern society that there should be a museum dedicated to it, and of course it'll be funded  curated by... the Wetherspoon chain.

The Wetherspoon Museum Of Itself may be a bit of a ruse in order to wangle planning permission for a redevelopment scheme, mind, as the museum plan is part of a wider application the pub chain has submitted to authorities in Wolverhampton. An existing pub in a nice old art deco building has way too many rooms for current use, so it would like to convert the majority of the upstairs bit into a hotel, then set a few square feet aside for what it describes as an exhibition of "the history of the company" that would allow the public to see "artefacts from the past" such as, er, squares of original carpet samples?

The local council is bang up for any money coming in let alone the £7m chunk Wetherspoon says it'll stick in to this development, with councillor John Reynolds saying: "It will deliver a significant number of jobs and for a national chain like Wetherspoon to choose Wolverhampton for its national museum is an honour." [Guardian]

Image credit: Wetherspoon