The Best Christmas Present Ideas for Doctor Who Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

Doctor Who's 11th series has just finished, and it looks like we all have to look forward to is a very long wait before the 12th series begins. There's the single New Year's special, but that's about it for at least a year. If you have a Who fan in your life, you can ease that pain with a well-timed Christmas present. Here are our best picks:

Doctor Who Lego Set, £various


The Lego Ideas Doctor Who set was discontinued a couple of years ago, but there are still plenty of them going on eBay for around the old retail price (£50). Brand new too, which is pretty unusual for Lego. But hey, you shouldn't complain if you know someone who missed out. The set covers the Tardis interior and exterior, and has minifigures of the 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara, a Weeping Angel, and two daleks. You can add to it with the Lego Dimensions sets too, with two packs available. One featuring a different dalek and a cyberman, plus another with K-9, the 12th Doctor in different clothing, and a mini Tardis. [Buy it here]

It's about time they released another set, though. Hopefully one with two Doctors again.

Series 10 Steelbook, £30,49

The 11th series isn't due for a physical release until next year, so the closest thing there is is series 10. Capaldi's last, and featuring the very underrated companion pairing of Nardol and Bill, plus some great appearances repeat appearances by Missy. It doesn't include the Christmas finale Twice Upon a Time, but Capaldi was a great Doctor and he deserves to be appreciated properly. This is the pricier, but much shinier, steelbook version, but if you want to spend less you can always opt for the regular Blu-ray or DVD versions. [Buy it here]

Twice Upon a Time (4K), £15

It's not clear whether this will be included on the Series 11 box set, but buying it separately is the only way to get Capaldi's final episode (and the multi-Doctor teamup) in 4K resolution. Annoyingly it still has the Blu-ray version as well, which we can all do without, but hey. [Buy it here]

The Complete Season 19, £38

The BBC has been slowly releasing the classic episodes on Blu-ray, but instead of throwing out one tale at a time (as was the case with the DVD versions) they're being packaged together a year at a time. This latest one is the 19th year of Doctor Who, and the first to feature Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. In it are HD versions of Castrovalva, Four To Doomsday, Black Orchid, Earthshock, and Time-Flight, plus a bunch of special features - including an extended version of Black Orchid part one. [Buy it here]

Sonic Screwdriver, £19.82

It's a bit of an odd shape this time around, since the Doctor made the thing herself with primitive 21st century technology, but any Who fan could do with a new sonic screwdriver to add to their collection. Lights, sound effects, and all.  [Buy it here]

Full Size Tom Baker Scarf, £70

One Doctor is more iconic than the rest, and it certainly helps that his outfit was pretty awe-inspiring. Naturally you can have the best part for yourself, in the form of a full size (18ft-long) scarf as worn by the Fourth Doctor. Your neck will never get cold again. [Buy it here]

Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen, £16.54


A book based on a script by Douglas Adams first intended as a Doctor Who film, then a TV story, and eventually formed the basis for Life the Universe and Everything. Well now it's been turned into a book by James Goss. The principle is similar, with the Krikkitmen deciding to go full on Dalek and destroy the universe, but can't do that without unlocking their planet from a time lock using a key shaped like a set of cricket stumps. It's up to the Doctor and Romana to stop them. [Buy it here]

Type 40 TARDIS Instruction Manual, £9.06

The Doctor could have used one of these back in the day, especially since the Type 40 Tardis is old and all sorts of broken. While it can be tricky controlling a sentient machine with a mind of her own, an instruction book would have helped get the damn thing to land in the right place. Apart from the times she ignored the controls and landed wherever she felt the Doctor was needed. In any case you can learn all about the Doctor's Tardis, swimming pool and all. [Buy it here]

Tardis Christmas Sweater, £17

It's a good idea to wrap up warm, especially if you're venturing into the time vortex, so why not go for a nice yuletide sweater in Tardis blue. There are a lot of Doctor Who Christmas jumpers about, but we're fond of this one featuring daleks, cybermen, weeping angels, and the sonic screwdriver. [Buy it here]

The Women Who Lived, £9

The Doctor may have been a man up until now, but the women he travelled with have played a huge part in the Time Lord's life. The Women Who Lived chronicles tales from their lives, and not just companions. There are even some stories from historical figures the Doctor encountered like Agatha Christie, Queen Victoria, and even the women who weren't always women. Which is basically just Missy at this point. [Buy it here]

13th Doctor Barbie, £60.49 (including shipping)

Sadly this one might not arrive by Christmas day, which is immensely frustrating, because it's only available from Forbidden Planet from 16th December and their Christmas cut off date was the 14th. But! If you need an extra present this might be worth getting your hands on. It's pricey, which might put you off buying it for young kid, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a great present. Always remember, though, that you can probably grab one of these at a physical Forbidden Planet store if you must have it before Christmas. [Buy it here]