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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Whether you're a Scrooge or a Cindy Lou, there's no escaping the fact that Christmas is around the corner. That means festive celebrations, eating lots of food (weird-flavoured or otherwise), and of course, buying (and receiving) lots of gifts.

Luckily for you, we've got you covered with this here hub, where we've rounded up all our gift guides, Christmas content and festive-flavoured features.

Gift guides and shopping stuff

10 Christmas Presents You Can Still Buy At The Very Last Minute

We went method and wrote this 10 minutes before the deadline.

15 Christmas Features We WON'T Be Writing This Year

Up to but not including this one.

The Best Gifts for the Outdoors Type

You know, people that wear fleeces and base layers and always have the right shoes.

The Best Gifts for Handling Cold Snaps

Yes we have included a smart thermostat, but only as a joke.

Christmas is Coming: The Best Gifts for Everyone Who Loves Game of Thrones

The Starks are always right in the end.

The Best Christmas Present Ideas for Doctor Who Fans

Sent straight to you from the time vortex. Also known as the internet.

Toyota's Made Hideous Charity Wrapping Paper For Car Fans

Could they not just have made a donation?

Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa's Sleigh for the UK's First 4G Drone Delivery

Suitably festive for this time of year, naturally.

12 Great Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Favourite Geek This Christmas

You're never too old for a lumpy sock of treats.

Image: Unsplash

What NOT To Buy A Lego Lover For Christmas

The dos and don'ts for pleasing your Lego-inclined friends this Christmas.

The Best Pet Tech You Need This Christmas

And it's not all just for cats and dogs.

The 12 Christmas Jumpers You Need This Year

From the Star Wars couple set to the official Fortnite design.

Magical Gifts That Every Harry Potter Fan Needs on Their Christmas List

Accio Christmas. Expelliarmus money!

The Best Christmas Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and All Other Star Trek Fans

Discovery season 2 arrives after Christmas, and here are some gift ideas for the Trekkie in your life.

How to Spot Genuine Discounts While Christmas Shopping

How can you spot the genuine discounts from the marketing tricks? And how do you know when a bargain really is a bargain?

These Are The Amazon Christmas Cut-Off Dates For 2018

We wouldn't recommend leaving it this late, though.

Christmas food

Morrisons Wins December With £2 Christmas Dinner Quiche

And a scotch egg pork pie.

Just Eat's Made Onion Bhaji Baubles

Ahh, the sweet smell of Christmas. Cinnamon, pine needles and stale takeaway.

Morrisons Stuffed a Full Christmas Dinner Into a Pasty

Yes, that includes the Christmas pudding.

Morrisons Introduces the Wonky Brussels Sprout Stalk

Berated vegetable now cosmetically unappealing as well.

Brexit Lowers Quality of Christmas 2018's Mince Pies

Will make you even sadder while watching Elton John's privileged childhood unfold.

Morrisons' New Christmas Wrap Swaps the Tortilla for Yorkshire Pudding

At least it doesn't have sprouts in it.

Weird Christmas Food Continues With Baubles Filled with Subway Sandwich Sauce

These won't be coming until next year, though.

This 1.2kg Pig in a Blanket is the Definition of Christmas Excess

But it is gluten-free.

Asda's Supermassive Mince Pie Crust Can Deflect All Complaints About Sugar and Obesity

All your sugar, carbs and fruit for the day in a lump for £1.50.

EAT Has Done a Funny Christmas Food

Nice for those who can blow £4.99 on one food item.

After Sprout and Candy Cane Flavours, Tesco's Camembert Crisps Just Sound Boring

I can't instantly take a dislike to them for not being a regular flavour with all that other stuff about.

Fancy White Chocolate & Caramel Cheese? Asda Thinks You Do

Yours for just £1.

Christmas Tree Flavour Crisps are Coming, and You Have Iceland to Blame

No doubt the first of many weird and random festive products hitting the shelves before September.

Festive stuff

How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

Don't have a miserable Christmas. Well, at least try not to.

How Do You Make a Christmas Film a Festive Classic?

Three simple rules a film must follow to achieve that cultivated Christmas classic status!

The Holidays Make Us Horny, Google Searches Reveal

No matter where we live or how we celebrate it, Christmas cheer gets us in the mood.

Joy to the World, Into the Spider-Verse's Christmas Album Is Real

Happy holidays, from your favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Giz Investigates: Why 'Die Hard' is Definitely a Christmas Movie, And Why 'It's a Wonderful Life' is Definitely Not

It's a Wonderful Life may be considered a classic, but it certainly isn't a Christmas film.

Watch The 12 Days of Gaming Christmas... From the 90s

Only 90s kids will remember this.

Christmas Drink-Driving Ads Bin the Horror/Death Approach

Not even the slightest hint of mangled wreckage.

Image: BBC

Doctor Who Christmas Specials, Ranked By Their Festivity

A look back at the Doctor's prior festive adventures, of which there were many.

EasyJet Did A Christmas Lights Switch-On On A Plane

Not IN the plane. ON the plane.

Image: Tim Green via Flickr CC

Rochdale Town Hall Steps Forward To Do The Christmas Bongs In Place of Big Ben

They won't let the bells end.

Image: Bude and Beyond

Bude Continues to Bleed Internet-Famous Supermarket Tunnel Dry

Lit it up for Christmas and its billions of Instagram followers.

This One Chinese City Makes All Of Your Christmas Decorations

It turns out that “Made in China” isn’t specific enough.

Here's How To Use Your Waste Christmas Cardboard For Free Phone Accessories

Turn that box of smellies into a selfie tripod.

Neatly Wrap Your Christmas Gifts By Following These Mathematical Tricks

Do all the presents you give away over the holidays look like they were wrapped in the dark? Not any more!

Build This Lego Assistant to Take Care of All Your Christmas Cards

You'll still have to lick the stamps though.

The 'My Dad Wrote A Porno' Christmas Special Is Out Now On Spotify

Merry jizzmas to you.

Image: Unsplash

Council Rules Santa Must Be a Man

Mrs Claus declared non-canon.

Poundland's Sex Elf in Danger of Becoming Beloved Christmas Tradition

Retailer wants to recreate 2017's social media furore with new campaign of carefully planned outrage.

Image: camerabee/Flickr

Vandalising Christmas Trees Sometimes Works Out For the Best

We're not recommending it but it did work for Camborne.

The Elton John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here To Make You Cry

...with how expensive pianos are