The Reason The Grand Tour Is Losing The Tent Might Be... Planes

By Holly Brockwell on at

We weren't too upset when we heard that The Grand Tour will be ditching the studio tent after season 3, because it sounds like it's being scrapped for more on-the-road adventures, and if there's one thing The Grand Tour needs more of, it's grand tours.

Until now, though, we weren't clear on why the tent was getting the boot. An interesting post from an audience member popped up on Reddit this week which might clue us all in:

The relevant bit here is that "re-takes are mainly because of planes flying over the tent." That's got to be annoying, and we can't blame the crew for wanting to eliminate the source of the noise.

Still, the post also says the tent was "basically [at] the end of a private airfield" -- couldn't they just move it? The Great British Bake Off seems to manage without plane-based interruptions...

In any case, not long now until we get series 3: it'll be out on the 18th of January. [Metro]