The Teaser for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere is Actually Pretty Frightening

By Julie Muncy on at

I expect a lot of things from The Walking Dead. Action. Melodrama. Zombies. But actual, deep-seated fear, that Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of creeped out? Not usually. It’s not that kind of show anymore, most of the time.

This new teaser has made me think twice about that, though. Foreshadowing next year’s “Whisperers” arc, it, uh, totally unnerved me. Masks should not be like that. Just, y’know, my friendly opinion here.

This does seem to be the trend, though, as our brave Walking Dead correspondent Rob Bricken has reported that, yeah, the show’s been legitimately scary lately. Looks like these next few episodes might continue the trend when the show premieres on 11 February. I, uh, might skip it though. I’m a bit of wimp.

Featured image: AMC