Then They Came for the Little Plastic Windows on Sandwich Packaging

By Gary Cutlack on at

The little plastic window on the sandwich pack that reassures you the person in the factory remembered to put the ingredients in is the latest target in the war on all things plastic, as the government is said to be planning a 15p levy on food manufacturers that sell sandwiches in hybrid cardboard/plastic packaging in order to close the little plastic windows – PERMANENTLY.

The modern window tax is being considered by the non-bonkers day job part of the personality of environment secretary Michael Gove, who is expected to announce the move this week. It's a fair enough cop the industry can't really object to, as the uniting of cardboard and little plastic filling viewing window makes recycling either impossible or too complex to bother doing, so it's usually off to landfill or some foreign country to be set fire to instead for the card/plastic packages.

Hence the mooted 15p charge to either put back into the recycling infrastructure kitty, or to discourage the sandwich-packers of the country from using the little plastic window box format in the first place. [Mirror]