There's One Thing Amy Rutberg Really Wanted to See in Daredevil Season 4

By Julie Muncy on at

In Daredevil, Rutberg played Marci Stahl, a lawyer who ends up having a relationship with Matt Murdock’s partner in law, Foggy Nelson. And Rutberg is disappointed in particular that viewers won’t get to see more of their relationship, due to the show’s untimely cancellation.

“From a personal level, I would have loved to see what would have happened with Marci and Foggy,” Rutberg told Inverse. “I would have liked to see them get married. There probably would have been some conflict before, but sadly none of those things happened.”

A marriage would have been surprisingly cheery for a Daredevil plot twist. If no one gets buried alive or murdered by ninjas, did it really happen to someone Daredevil knows? If anyone deserves happiness on that show, though, it’s Foggy Nelson. So we can just pretend that’s canon, and move on happily.

Featured image: Netflix