This Isn't Just Any Contraflow on the M8

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is said to be thinking about bringing a weird US roadside sponsorship system to the UK, in which stretches of motorway are sponsored by big businesses in return for some of their advertising money.

This was revealed in an overhead conversation had by Liz Truss, the at-time-of-writing chief secretary to the Treasury of the at-time-of-writing government. It would be a clone of the US's Adopt a Highway scheme, where states sell space on all that boring, featureless grass beside the roads that usually only advertises turnings off to shit towns and petrol stations, and allows business to instead erect advertisements to give passengers something to look at, probably about food.

The Times says it's confirmed this is in the pipeline for an announcement early in 2019 and it isn't just writing news based on what someone on Twitter says they overheard, and that ten of our most packed-with-bored-eyeballs stretches of motorway – including the M1, M3, M4, M5, M8, M25, M60 and M606 – could soon be graced by advertising banners paid for by firms in return for chucking a bit of money in the national pothole kitty. [The Times]